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Many homeowners tend to think that they'll know when they have a problem with their roofs, but the experts working for Tony's Roofing Services know that this isn't always true. While some damage can cause the roof to leak, there are dozens of other problems that can significantly impact the roof without causing a leak. Homeowners should give some thought to other issues that can indicate a roofing problem and how a roofing company can help them restore their roofs.

One common issue is damage that impacts the paint on the interior and exterior of a home. A small leak in the roof can let in trace amounts of water, which increase the humidity in the home. As the humidity level rises, it can leave behind blisters as the moisture slips behind the paint. That moisture can also leave behind stains on the walls and ceiling that take on a dark brown or tan appearance. Those stains can worsen when mold develops in the home.

Though many people hear of mold and immediately worry, many types of mold aren't toxic or even harmful to humans or animals. Black mold is the most toxic of all mold types and can cause a number of health problems. Asthma and other breathing conditions are some of the more common illnesses. Professional roofers can get inside the home and find the source of the moisture to reduce the risk of the mold returning. Mold issues often occur in attics and around the ceiling of a home.

Another issue to consider is one that might not be visible from the street. Any dark black stains or spots on the roof can indicate a problem. Some people find that they notice those spots when driving up to their homes or when standing on the sidewalk. Those spots may occur because the granules that are on the exterior of the shingles wore away due to rain and wind.

It's often hard for homeowners to determine whether they have roofing issues and the severity of any issues. Tony's Roofing Services offers free estimates for those who notice damage to their roofs and for those interested in a roofing inspection.

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