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Whether it's a small business or a large company, Texas law requires that commercial property owners purchase insurance that pays out when the building suffers damage. Tony's Roofing Services can work with any of the major insurance companies to ease the frustrations that business owners have after discovering a leak, shingles missing from the roof or other types of damage to the building. The contractors can start the repairs and bill the insurance company directly, making it easier on the property owner.

Though some commercial property owners assume that the interior of their buildings are more important than the exteriors, they may not understand the extent of the damage that can be caused to the interior by a damaged roof. If a tornado or a high wind removes some of the shingles and damages the underlayment of the roof, it leaves the ceiling and interior of the building exposed. Any moisture that gets inside can cause the paint or wallpaper to peel off the walls, form blisters on the walls and eventually lead to mold. Those business owners may then need to close the building until they can make the necessary repairs, which can cost thousands of dollars in lost revenue.

When many people think of a commercial property, they immediately think of something with a flat roof. While flat roofs are common, there are other types of roofs found on commercial properties. A church might have an elaborate roof with multiple pitches and gables, and a school might have a long roof with multiple steps and a low slope. TRS contractors are knowledgeable about all those roofing styles and know what to do to take care of issues that affect them.

Even those who work out a maintenance plan to take care of their roofs can still find themselves in emergency situations. A sudden storm can wreak havoc on a roof and damage the inside of a building. Those dealing with emergencies can call Tony's Roofing Service to schedule a fast inspection and get contractors to the site in less than 24 hours. Those roofers can then offer an estimate and schedule a time to start the work needed.

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