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In most cases, a homeowner will be provided with a warranty for any work that is done on his or her roof. For instance, if new shingles are installed, the company that did the work will typically extend a warranty for the labor and/or the product itself. However, there are some instances when a warranty could be voided. Here's a look at some common reasons why a warranty could be cancelled by a manufacturer or service provider.

When shingles are put on a roof, they must be put onto approved wooden decking. In most cases, a San Antonio roofing professional will be able to determine if the wood is approved and in good condition to receive shingles. If the wood is rotted or has suffered any sort of water damage, it could cause damage to the shingles above it. This may result in a voided warranty and an extra expense for the homeowner.

If shingles are not fastened properly, there is a chance that they could blow off. This is either because there is nothing holding them down or because the nail has ripped a hole through the shingle. Most manufacturers will guarantee that their shingles will withstand a minimum wind speed. However, this guarantee may not apply if they are not properly nailed in place. Therefore, homeowners should refrain from putting on shingles themselves and should have a professional do it for them.

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Another common reason why a shingle warranty could be voided has to do with improper ventilation. Local building codes specify how many vents are needed and how far apart they need to be. In most cases, one vent is required for every 300 square feet of attic. Attics that are properly vented allow for better airflow, which can help regulate temperature and reduce the chances of water damage in areas that experience high levels of moisture.

When a contractor puts on new shingles, he or she may be able to inspect the existing ventilation to ensure that it meets local codes. He or she may also recommend adding new vents or taking other steps that can help improve the attic and the roof as a whole. When the attic is properly vented and an optimal flow of air can be achieved, the home will be more comfortable and less likely to suffer from moisture damage.

While having a warranty can make it easier for homeowners to justify spending money on roofing projects, they should be inspected carefully. Even if the guarantee is voided by accident, it could result in thousands of dollars out of the customer's pocket to repair any damage done.

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