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When a homeowner wants to know how much a roofing project will cost, he or she will call a San Antonio roofing professional to come to the home and perform an estimate. During the estimate, the roofer will quote a price per roof square. While most people may not be familiar with that term, it is commonly used in the roofing world.

The reason why contractors quote prices in roof squares is that a roof may be too big to price per square foot, and if a mistake is made, it is easy to get more material at an affordable price. Therefore, if a roofing contractor estimates a roof to be 2,000 square feet, he or she would send an order for 20 roof squares of material.

Almost all contractors within the United States and other English speaking countries use this standard of measure when quoting roof work. Therefore, it is easy for a contractor to get materials either locally or from another region without ordering too much or too little.

Most roofing shingles and siding are manufactured and packaged as a single square, which makes them easier to put onto a roof. As they can be put up faster when they are in larger units, it may reduce labor cost and lower the expense of the project overall.

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The end result is that a homeowner may be able to get shingles or siding that looks better and is made from a higher quality material. This is important because the customer is making a large investment, and he or she does not want to have to do the job again in the near future.

It is important for homeowners to understand that outside of the roofing industry, most materials such as carpets or countertops are quoted in square feet. In fact, some roofing materials may be measured in square feet, and there are companies that may list product quantities in square feet based on retailer preference. Generally, anything that goes underneath the shingles will be quoted this way.

Homeowners who need a new roof or wish to repair certain portions of their existing roof should know exactly what they are paying for. Those who have any questions about an estimate or the amount of materials needed should certainly bring up those concerns with the contractor doing the work. This may allow a homeowner to feel better about the work being done throughout the entire process.

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