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When a roof begins to sag, it isn't always noticeable. It often starts with a slight bow that continues to get worse with age. If ignored, the roof can begin to droop in the middle, dip down on one side or sink in between the rafters. Reasons for the damage vary, depending on the strength of the trusses, how they are braced, the weight of the roof and the thickness of the sheathing.

In general, a roof begins to sag because the load of the roofing material is too heavy for its underlying structure. While snow, ice and wind all affect the load placed on a roof, in areas where snow is rare or nonexistent, structural problems are more common. These issues can be a result of an inappropriate design, modifications made to the rafters, too many layers of asphalt shingles or some type of environmental damage.

Age of the roof and undiscovered leaks are also common reasons why a roof might start to slump. Even gravity can cause rafters to lose their strength over time. For that reason, homeowners should never climb up onto a roof that is sagging.

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Homeowners should instead contact a local San Antonio roofing company to come out and inspect the roof right away.

A professional roofer will evaluate the wooden structures of the roof and check out the ceiling beams and joists. Like all wooden structures, joists and rafters are subject to aging as well as water damage. In addition, the hot sun and humid weather conditions typical during the summer months can also cause wear and tear on the shingles, which could result in leaks. If the shingles are worn through in spots, are curled around the edges or have lost their asphalt granules, water can seep into the cracks and holes and begin to destroy the bed of the roof.

Another problem might be the screws that fasten the ceiling joist to the roof. While not common, the screws can sometimes work themselves loose, leaving a gap between the joist and wall. The gap will place extra pressure on the rafters and might cause them to crack. Once cracked, the rafters will lose their strength.

Hiring a roofing expert to regularly check for problems is a good way to prevent the roof from sagging. A professional contractor will know what to watch for and can spot and correct issues before they develop into major problems.

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