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When people think of damage to a home, their thoughts normally go to fires or major natural disasters, like hurricanes and tornadoes. Although inclement weather can wreak havoc on a home, one of the largest sources of damage to a home is simply water.

Water damage often develops as the result of a leaking roof. In spite of the fact that roofs have layers of protection that are designed to keep water out as well as systems that drain water off a roof, water may still get into a home. Water coming in from a leaking roof may cause damage to a home's structure as well as create insulation and wiring problems. A San Antonio roofing company should be called as soon as someone suspects a leak.

The two main protections that a roof has from water are tiles and weatherproofing, which is sometimes referred to as flashing. Shingles can be made from a variety of materials, but most roofs are covered in asphalt shingles. Asphalt features heavy oils in the fibers, which allow the material to repel water. However, over time, exposure to the sun and frequent flow of water will break down these oils. This makes the tiles more susceptible to wind and hail damage that cause the shingles to start allowing water to seep through.

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Underneath shingles is a layer of weatherproofing. This is normally in the form of long sheets of either metal, plastic or rubber, and they are installed on top of the roof deck. Weatherproofing is normally laid down on areas where shingles do not fit together perfectly or may not provide complete coverage, such as where two parts of the roof join or around a chimney.

In recent years, flashing membranes have become popular as a source of weatherproofing around the edges of a roof. This type of weatherproofing is normally available in long strips with an adhesive on one side and weatherproofing material on the other, similar to one sided tape.

Along with physical protections from water, roofs also have systems that help to drain water. The two main systems are rain gutters and the roof valley. Rain gutters run along the edges of a roof and allow a path for water to drain off a home so that it does not collect on the roof. The roof valley is a metal path is laid under where the two edges of the roof meet and routes water to gutters.

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