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When a home's existing ridge roof vents are deteriorating, they need to be promptly replaced in order to avoid problems such as excessive heat buildup and premature failure of the roofing system. Replacing these vents is a relatively simple project that many homeowners attempt to handle themselves. Working with an experienced local San Antonio roofing service, on the other hand, will ensure that the project is completed quickly and professionally.

To replace worn out ridge vents, a few supplies are needed. The worker will need an extension ladder, work gloves, a pry bar, hammer, caulk, new nails and a new vent. This activity should be done on a clear and mild day to achieve the best results and to stay safe while up on the rooftop. Wearing work gloves helps to avoid cuts and injuries from sharp metal and rough surfaces.

A new vent in the same size and shape should be used. Otherwise, a larger opening will need to be created in the roof's wooden substructure. Careful measurements help homeowners identify the correct vent size for purchase.

The project's first step is locating the damaged vent or vents on the ridge.

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Use the claw end of a hammer to remove the nails holding the shingles and ridge cap around the vent. A pry bar may be needed to lift the vent from its position. Any remaining shingles or debris that is still attached to the vent should be removed by hand and set aside.

Replace the roofing felt into its correct position on the wooden decking. The felting may need to be reattached with construction adhesive or mastic. Spread a layer of outdoor caulk on the top of the roofing felt. The new vent should be placed over the opening so that all of the caulk is covered by the vent. The appropriate nails or screws can then be used to put the new vent into place, using the same holes in the roof as the original vent. More caulk should be used to seal around the perimeter of the vent cover. The shingles that overlap the vent cover should be reattached to the roof.

Now it is time to replace the ridge cap, using the original holes and the same fasteners. If the fasteners are showing signs of rust or were bent during the removal of the caps, use new fasteners of the same size and shape. The caulk will need about 24 hours to fully set and create a waterproof seal around the vent cover.

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