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A hot attic is something that almost all Texas homeowners deal with, especially during the summer months of the year. While the excessive heat may seem normal, it is actually a sign that there is insufficient ventilation. The hot air can be conducted into the home's living spaces, creating an atmosphere of discomfort. At the same time, the heat affects the underside of the roofing system, intensifying problems like bubbling or cracking of the shingles. By working with a San Antonio roofing service, property owners can remedy this situation and lessen the risk of premature failure of their roofs.

In an ideal situation, the attic would have ridge cap vents all along the roof's peak, gable vents on the sides of the roof and at least one soffit vent for every 150 feet of soffit. However, in hot environments during the summer months, even this may not be enough ventilation.

There are many consequences to insufficiently ventilated attics. High heat levels may cause the roof's wooden rafters, joists and support beams to warp, split or crack. The floorboards may also warp and crack, resulting in damage to the entire roofing system. Inside the house, the upstairs may become unbearably hot. The household's air conditioning system may have to work overtime just to keep up with the heat emanating from the attic area.

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The heat also causes effects on the roof's shingles or tiles. As heat in the attic rises, it reaches the wood decking. The wood and any underlay or felt may weaken or become warped. Any adhesives like wood glue, construction cement or mastic asphalt may lose their bonds, resulting in a failure of waterproof seals. Caulk around vent openings and pipe flues may become brittle and peel away or crack, leading to additional pathways for water and moisture to enter the roof. The heat can make its way through all of these layers, causing asphalt shingles to bubble and blister. The shingles may lift up from their correct positions, allowing a gust of wind to blow them right off the rooftop during a storm.

A whole house fan, rooftop or gable mounted attic fan can help with increasing air flow, so that excessive heat does not build up. While these fans require electricity to operate, they are more energy efficient than a central air conditioning system and may even allow the homeowner to keep the cooling unit off during the nighttime. This is because the fan draws out hot air from the entire interior part of the house.

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