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A standard roof is more than just a layer of shingles on plywood. There is an entire science to roof structures to reduce heat into a building's interior along with moisture control. When a San Antonio roofing professional visits a home, they must take the roof's anatomy into consideration as they troubleshoot any issues. From airflow to proper insulation, the roof is a complex structure requiring expert care.

When professionals visit the attic, they could be met with finished walls or exposed insulation. Regardless if the area is finished or not, all attics need some insulation. Spray-on and blanket insulation are perfect materials to cover all floor surfaces, walls and ceilings adequately. The insulation reduces heat coming in from the exterior along with retaining conditioned air within the home. Contractors will suggest insulation immediately if the attic is bare upon inspection.

Although it may not be visible, behind the insulation is a configuration known as a baffle. It could appear as basic plywood, for instance. However, this false barrier creates a crevice behind it of about 2 inches. This baffle provides unimpeded ventilation or airflow space within this crevice.

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It's a necessary layer because it offers a resting place for the insulation without compromising any airflow. Professionals must verify if this baffle is properly aligned with the wall and adjust it if necessary during an appointment.

Roof ventilation includes ridge and soffit vents. Air enters through the roof eave's underside, traveling up the baffle's open crevice and exiting the ridge vents. This constant airflow allows the roof to remain a relatively stable temperature. If the roof becomes too cold or hot, it can cause deterioration issues over time that reduce material lifespans. Homeowners pay more for heating and cooling costs too when airflow isn't strong within roof layers.

Above the ventilation airflow is the roof deck. This plywood provides the surface for underlayment and shingles to be properly attached. Professionals examine the deck carefully when a major renovation is being completed. This surface is otherwise covered with shingles where it can't be fully inspected.

Some roofs may be better constructed than others are. If ventilation is an issue, such as extremely small soffit vents, contractors may suggest extra venting for strong airflow. Trapped air within the attic and roof system only contributes to possible moisture problems through condensation occurrences. Homeowners can allow the contractor to add small alterations to the roofing system to improve the entire structure's lifespan.

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