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San Antonio Roofing: Article About Three Common Roof Problems

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The roof is designed to protect the home, the biggest investment most homeowners will ever make, but it's also an area of the house that most homeowners don't think about until a problem arises. Such unforeseen problems can cost homeowners a lot of money, but the price increases significantly if San Antonio roofing professionals aren't hired right away to deal with the damage. In order for a roof to properly do its job, it has to be repaired and maintained on a regular basis.

According to professionals, roofs are at their peak performance when they are first installed. The rate of deterioration is low for the first few years, but as they start to reach the end of their life cycle, the rate of deterioration increases. The difference between a roof going bad after 10 years or 25 years is how well it is maintained and whether all the maintenance is done by a professional.

One of the most common problems that homeowners have with their roofs is leaks. No matter the kind of roof, there is a serious problem if there is a leak.

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However, figuring out the cause of the leak is the hard part because the possibilities are many, and water can travel along other roofing materials before it reaches its final destination. Leaks can happen anywhere that the waterproof membrane is interrupted by an object. Typically, 95 percent of leaks are the result of bad flashing. The Center for the Advancement of Roofing Excellence explains that once water gets under the waterproof membrane, serious roofing issues can arise.

As roof coverings age, so do the fastenings that anchor them to the roofing deck. Once these fasteners give out, the covering can be lifted off the roof by strong winds. Other fixtures such as vents and flashing can also become disconnected from the roofing deck. The ability of wind to remove shingles and other roof materials from a home increases when the edges begin to curl up due to extreme heat. This is not only a concern for the roof but also for the people who may be in the area when these materials become detached.

Yet another problem that homeowners have to be aware of is poor roof installation. When it comes time to repair or replace a roof, it's important that the homeowner hires a well trained roofing professional. Poor workmanship can lead to the quick deterioration of roofing materials as well as leaks. The cheapest roofer in town isn't always the best option.

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