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San Antonio Roofing: Article About The Versatility Of Concrete Roofing Tiles

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While not every type of roofing material can technically be classified as a green product, any material that provides enhanced longevity can qualify as an environmentally friendly substance because it minimizes landfill pollution. For that reason, concrete roofing tiles fit into the criteria of being a green roofing product, and they also offer an excellent lifespan and Class A fire ratings. There are many benefits associated with purchasing concrete roofing tiles, and a San Antonio roofing company can help homeowners choose the right ones for their roof.

For homes that are located in wet, humid climates, concrete tiles are rot and mold resistant. They provide enhanced protection against damage from harsh weather, and they provide better insulation for the home than many other types of traditional roofing materials do.

Since concrete tiles come in a large variety of shapes, sizes and color choices, they can easily accommodate the homeowner's specific style preference. For example, some concrete tiles resemble natural clay or slate, yet they cost significantly less than these two roofing materials. They can be molded into various shapes in order to resemble other popular materials such as split shakes, and they can be dyed in a wide variety of colors in order to complement any home's exterior.

Concrete tiles can be difficult to install, so it is important that homeowners only work with an experienced company when having a concrete roofing system installed.

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The tiles must be intricately cut and placed in order to perfectly match the roof. Since concrete tiles tend to weigh more than some other types of common roofing materials, the roof deck must be able to adequately support the additional weight. However, lightweight concrete tiles are also an available option. Lightweight tiles are not quite as durable as standard concrete tiles are, but they are a great option for homeowners who are replacing asphalt or wooden shingles because the roofing contractors will not be required to install an additional support system prior to installing the roof system.

One of the biggest disadvantages associated with having concrete tiles installed is that they can be very fragile. Whenever roofing contractors walk on the roof, they must use extra caution because the tiles could break or chip. The lightweight version is even more fragile. Another potential drawback of the material is that, if it is dyed, the color might fade with age due to prolonged sun exposure. While having the ability to dye the tiles in virtually any color palate is a definite advantage, the finished product will still not possess the authentic richness that some other materials feature, such as slate or clay.

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