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Thanks to the varied climate of central Texas, San Antonio roofing companies are kept busy all year round repairing all sorts of damage. Compared to severely damaged roofs, one that's simply missing a few shingles may seem to be in great shape. Even a few missing shingles can be a serious cause for concern, though.

Common asphalt roofing shingles are designed to provide exceptional protection against water intrusion, but they have to work together. Because roofing shingles are installed in an overlapping fashion, a single missing shingle might not be enough to cause a leak. The danger posed by a missing shingle is that it makes all of the surrounding shingles more vulnerable to damage, especially from the wind. If it's not corrected, a missing shingle will lead to more serious damage over time, and this dramatically increases the cost of repairing the issue.

While it's almost always the elements, such as high winds, hard rain or hail, that are responsible for tearing a shingle off of a roof, the root cause is usually a fault in the installation process. When they're placed by professionals, asphalt shingles have an extremely low failure rate, and they're supposed to be exceptionally durable. The weather in San Antonio doesn't get that extreme, and a properly installed shingle roof should last for years or even decades before it requires full replacement.

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There are three major installation mistakes that can lead to isolated shingles coming loose. If the installer uses a pneumatic nail gun to attach shingles, it's possible to set the pressure too high for the shingles being installed. This causes blow through, driving the nails too deeply into the shingles, or even all the way through them, weakening their attachment to the deck below. If nails are placed too high on the shingle, they may not be able to resist high winds properly. Finally, unscrupulous roofers may have "skip nailed" the roof during installation. Skip nailing cuts costs by using fewer nails than the shingle manufacturer requires.

Homeowners who discover missing shingles should contact a reliable roofing contractor immediately to have the situation assessed. Individual shingles are easy to repair, and fast reaction minimizes the extent of the damage they can cause. A professional roofer will also be able to assess the overall condition of the roof to determine if there's any further risk presented by improper installation. When missing shingles are treated correctly, it's easy to keep a roof secure and weather tight for many years.

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