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San Antonio Roofing: Article About The Importance Of Gutter Maintenance

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Many homeowners take their gutter system for granted. Although gutters and downspouts are commonplace, they play a crucial role in protecting the home from water damage. Gutter system maintenance is an essential component of a residential maintenance routine.

Water may harm any part of a home, especially the roof and foundation. Water that sits on a roof will seep into the wood and other materials, which can cause sagging in the roof deck. Pools of water are caused by a faulty gutter system. Ineffective gutters and downspouts also provide an opportunity for erosion because water can weaken a home's foundation by saturating basement walls. Replacing the foundation or the roof of a home is very costly. Other serious roof issues like leaking may also result from a malfunctioning gutter system. Working with a qualified roofing contractor, such as a San Antonio roofing professional, can help keep the gutter system in prime condition.

Both gutters and downspouts make up the gutter system. Gutters are channeling devices that run horizontally along the edges of the roof. They are designed to safeguard a home by redirecting rainwater. Downspouts are pipes that run vertically along the walls of the home, and they are connected to the gutters. Downspouts catch water from the gutters and deliver it to the ground away from the foundation of the home. It is essential to clean both the gutters and downspouts often to avoid water damage.

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The main threat to the gutter system is a blockage. There are several ways that gutters and downspouts can become blocked even if trees are not present around the home. For example, asphalt shingles may cause gutters to clog. This happens when rainwater causes tiny particles to break away from the shingles, collecting in the gutters. These tiny bits and pieces, along with leaves and other dirt, end up clogging the gutters. This is a good reason to continually clean out the gutter system year round.

If clogs in the gutter system are not cleared, gutters may begin to settle. Gutter settling is caused by the extra weight added by debris. Gutters are installed at a slight angle toward downspouts to redirect water to them. When gutters become backed up with things like twigs, leaves, dirt, ice or snow, the clog gets heavier. The added weight to the gutters causes them to slope downward so that they become incapable of draining water properly. This burden causes the gutters to sag, cutting off the exit for water from the roof. The pool of water then causes the wood of the roof to rot and sag. To test if gutters have settled, homeowners can watch them during rainfall and look for leaking at the roof corners.

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