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Homeowners who want to get more value out of their roofs would be wise to practice regular roof maintenance. By setting aside designated times to inspect and care for their roofs, homeowners will maximize their investment by extending their roof's lifespan. As a guide, follow the ABCs of roofing maintenance. If any significant problems are found, a San Antonio roofing professional can assess the roof and make recommendations for repairs.

The letter A is for annual. Once each year, homeowners should clear out the gutters of all debris, such as leaves and bird nests. Make sure all drains are clear, and check that the gutters are securely fastened to the house. Make sure the gutters are properly sloped toward the downspouts in order to ensure proper drainage. Also, verify that the downspouts drain at least 3 feet away from the building to avoid any water damage to the house's foundation or basement. This is also a good time to give the roof a visual once over for any obvious signs of damage or leaking.

The letter B is for biannual. About once every two years, homeowners should inspect the trees and other vegetation surrounding the home. Any branches that are closer than 5 feet from the house should be trimmed.

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Keep vines, bushes and other greenery from overgrowing on the property. Not only can these lead to punctures and abrasions to the home, but they also provide a direct pathway onto the house for insects and other pests. Low hanging tree branches are an easy way for squirrels and raccoons to access the roof. Branches that are too close to the home are also at risk of falling onto the roof and causing damage. Leaves and pine needles can clog gutters and drains.

The letter C stands for the word continuously. Homeowners should be continuously monitoring their roofing system for signs of trouble. Giving timely attention to any potential problems can save a significant amount of money, as opposed to allowing a problem to worsen to the point that full roof replacement is the only option left. Check frequently for signs of normal wear and tear, but pay special attention after any significant weather events such as high wind, hailstorms and snowstorms. Remove excess snow, check for ice buildup in the gutters, clear leaf pileups and look for shingles on the ground. Excessive granules in gutters or at the bottom of downspouts can be a sign that asphalt shingles are at the end of their lifespan. Regularly check for signs that animals have been trying to gain entry, such as claw marks or bites on siding.

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