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Installing new gutters on a home is sometimes a necessity. Though metal gutters are strong enough to last for decades, untreated metal often suffers from rust. Depending on the amount of rust, the metal may develop large and small holes that let water move through the gutters and onto the walls and foundation of the house rather than reaching the downspout. This large abundance of water can lead to cracks forming in the foundation, water damage to the interior and exterior walls, and even the death of plants and grass planted near the house. Many people think that copper and aluminum are the only types of metal gutters available to them, but San Antonio roofing companies also are equipped to treat steel gutters.

The two biggest problems found with steel gutters are sagging and rusting. When installing gutters, contractors use spikes, screws or nails that they drive through the metal and into the roof, the soffits or wall behind the gutter. Some contractors use ties, which are more affordable but generally won't last as long as spikes and screws. When the components begin pulling away from the backboard, the gutters start sinking down along the middle.

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Though this is a problem, it's something that contractors can easily fix with a few new spikes.

Rusting is something that contractors generally cannot fix. Rusting, also known as corrosion, is a chemical process that occurs as water touches a metal surface. Rust may range from a light brown color to a dark reddish brown color that almost looks black. The only way to fix rusted gutters is with new gutters. Contractors will need to remove the screws, tear the old gutters off the house, measure the size of the piece and install a new gutter piece in its place.

Though some homeowners might only look at the disadvantages of using steel gutters, others focus more on the benefits of steel. The metal is so strong and durable that it has hundreds of uses in the construction industry. When properly sealed, steel gutters can last for years or even decades. That sealant keeps rust from forming and serves as a waterproof barrier on the surface of the metal. Steel is also more affordable than some might think. The price of purchasing and installing steel gutters is on par with aluminum and often costs much less than copper. A gutter and downspout system made from steel can also add thousands of dollars to the total value of a home.

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