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San Antonio Roofing: Article About Solar Shingles Versus Solar Panels

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As technology continues to advance, more homeowners have access to solar shingles and panels. This technology, known as photovoltaic technology, allows homeowners to generate their own energy from the sun by simply having the shingles or panels installed on the roof. Because there are advantages and disadvantages for both solar panels and shingles, homeowners who are interested in installing photovoltaic technology on their roofs should contact a local San Antonio roofing contractor.

One of the most important factors that is taken into consideration when looking to install solar technology is the efficiency of the product. Thin film solar shingles can convert about 20 percent of sunlight into energy depending on the conditions. On the other hand, solar panels can convert about 22 percent of sunlight to energy. Although the numbers are close, solar panels do have a slight edge when it comes to energy efficiency.

For homeowners who intend to replace their roofs, solar shingles may be the better option, as the shingles themselves will protect the roof. For homeowners who are not planning to replace their roof, solar panels can be installed directly over the existing shingles. This option may also be more desirable for roofs that have tile or slate, as solar shingles will rarely match the style or color.

When it comes to the actual installation of solar shingles and solar panels, solar shingles are much faster to install.

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This is because they can be applied like normal shingles on a new roof. Solar panels are much heavier and must be anchored down onto the roof, on the other hand.

Both solar panels and solar shingles are manufactured to handle different types of weather, including snow, heavy rain and extreme heat. However, they both provide a very different aesthetic. Solar shingles are designed to blend in with normal asphalt shingles, meaning that the home will not stand out from other homes.

Ultimately, choosing between solar shingles and solar panels depends on the needs of the roof. For example, homeowners who already have an existing roof may wish to install solar panels as they will not have to tear off the areas where the solar technology is going to be installed. If a roof tear off is already scheduled, solar shingles can easily be installed when the new roof is put on. Further, if homeowners want to have solar technology installed very quickly, they may choose solar shingles. Otherwise, both types of solar roofing materials convert similar amounts of energy and are both good options for the environmentally conscious homeowner.

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