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When choosing a material such as slate for a roof, there are many benefits. However, San Antonio roofing companies can easily inform homeowners of the pros and cons associated with this, and other, roofing types. Homeowners may want more information to determine if this type of roof is right for their home.

The main benefit of a slate roof is the attractive appearance of the stone. Slate has a unique aesthetic appeal and is available in a variety of sizes, shapes, thicknesses and colors. Some of the color options for slate include green, gray, purple, red or black. It is also possible to find mottled colors when browsing slate options. Slate roofs also last a very long time, and, in most cases, a homeowner can expect a slate roof to last well over 100 years, though they are usually warrantied for about 50 years. Since these roofs are made of stone, they are also fire resistant, which is certainly a concern for many homeowners. Finally, slate is environmentally friendly and is capable of being easily recycled.

Though there are many benefits to choosing a slate roof, there are also a few things a homeowner must know before making this important investment. For instance, not all roofers are experienced in installing this type of material.

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If they are, however, it is important for homeowners to ask if the roofer is experienced with slate tile installation and to get references. The weight of a slate roof is also a concern, as a slate roof can put as much as 800 to 1,500 pounds of weight per 100 square feet. The structural integrity of some homes simply cannot stand up to this. Slate also is a bit on the fragile side, so a homeowner must expect that a few tiles will get broken over the years. Fortunately, the tiles are easy and inexpensive to replace when this occurs.

When looking at costs, a slate roof can be expensive when compared to other types of roofs. However, due to the longevity of slate, many homeowners see this as a good investment. For instance, while a slate roof may be three times the cost of an asphalt roof, it can last up to five or six times longer.

For more information about a slate roof, it is important to talk with a trusted roofing professional. They can evaluate a home and determine if a slate roof is a possibility.

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