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One of the questions that is most often posed to San Antonio roofing professionals is, "What is the best brand of shingle for my roof?" While there may be a particular brand of shingle that a roofer prefers to work with as opposed to another, most roofers will agree that, at the end of the day, asphalt shingles that are produced by comparable manufacturers will have comparable quality regardless of the name brand. Actually, when homeowners ask this question, they are focusing on the wrong thing.

Their focus should instead be on the skill level of the roofer who is installing the shingle. A poor quality shingle that has a reputation for failure that is installed properly will often last longer than a higher quality asphalt shingle that is installed improperly.

Generally, a good craftsman will only want to work with a good quality product, and so it is unlikely that a skilled roofer would select materials that are subpar in the first place. Additionally, although the shingles are the part of the roof everyone sees, they are just one component in an overall roofing system.

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In addition to the shingles, a roof will have an underlayment, an ice shield, water resistant materials, felt, ventilation vents, flashings, galvanized roofing nails and adhesives. If any of these components are installed improperly, the result will be a roofing system that is destined for failure. A qualified roofer needs to have more than just experience in order to install a roof properly.

In addition to experience, a good roofer must put their heart into the work they do. Installing a roof correctly is hard work. It can be monotonous and meticulous. A knowledgeable roofer may do a subpar job if their heart is not into installing the roof correctly.

This does not mean that all styles of shingles are created equal. For example, a 3 tab asphalt shingle will not hold up as well or as long as an architectural style asphalt shingle. The difference here is not the name brand of the shingle but instead the design and structure of the shingle.

Most homeowners realize that their roof is the most important part of their home. For this reason, a conscientious homeowner will take the time to research materials and contractors before having a roof installed. If they do their due diligence, homeowners should end up with a roof that will last them between 15 to 20 years.

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