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The roof is one of the main lines of defense for protecting a home when bad weather approaches. Over time, however, homeowners may find that their roofs begin to sag. There are three main reasons for roof sagging, which include too much weight on the roof, a weakened roof support system and poor construction methods during the initial installation. In some cases, the roof can be fixed quickly and easily. In other cases, however, the roof may be at risk for collapsing. If homeowners notice that something is not right with the roof, a San Antonio roofing contractor should be notified immediately.

One of the main reasons behind roof sagging is the presence of too much weight. If the roof is aging, then the accumulation of leaf litter and debris can eventually cause the roof to become weaker. Heat can also cause the roof materials to break down significantly over time. This can be more problematic if the roof has an overlay, as an added roof structure adds quite a bit of weight to the first roof. It is also likely that the first roof is older, meaning that its underlayment might have been weaker to begin with.

The roof's support could also become weaker over time. The roof's support system, which consists of rafters, joists and other components, is often made of wood.

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If these components become infected with wood rot, or are otherwise damaged by rodents or moisture deterioration, the roof may begin to sag. If the support system is still sturdy, then the roof decking could be the culprit. If the decking has been damaged, the shingles may look wavy and will not lie flat.

Finally, poor construction can cause the entire roof to sag. This is especially true in many older homes. Some roofs may have been built using methods and materials that are no longer available on the market, due to their poor value. Homeowners who attempt to build their own roofs may also cut the rafters improperly or build trusses that are not sturdy enough to hold the weight of the roofing materials, for instance. In these cases, the materials can actually bend in the middle.

The extent of the damage will determine how much work will be needed to fix the problem. However, it can be difficult for inexperienced homeowners to estimate what type of repairs will be needed. Because the roof may be at risk for collapsing, it is highly recommended that homeowners hire a trusted roofer to inspect the roof and handle repairs.

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