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With new roofs costing a significant amount of money, homeowners want peace of mind that their investment is safe from defects and poor installation quality. As San Antonio roofing professionals quote a particular project, they'll also explain all the warranties involved. There isn't a blanket warranty that covers everything, but contractors and material manufacturers use several warranties to help homeowners ease any further costs from potential defects. Warranty legal wording can be confusing, so it's important to understand what is and isn't covered when an issue arises.

The most basic warranty is the manufacturer's warranty type. Manufacturers gain trust with their customers by offering a quality product, but defects can arise. If shingles fail within a certain time frame after professional installation, the manufacturer should cover new material replacement. Homeowners should note that labor isn't necessarily covered with this warranty. Contractors may work out a deal with manufacturers to provide free labor, but it's often the residents who pay for the labor to install the defect free materials.

Shingles are subjected to strong winds the moment they're installed on a structure. Even a calm and sunny day has wind velocities coursing up a rooftop. If shingles fail under nominal wind gusts, manufacturers usually provide a wind warranty. Shingles should withstand certain specified wind speeds without curling or lifting.

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They typically have adhesive bonds on the tabs to remain in place, for instance. Failed shingles within 5 years, for example, are usually applied toward a wind warranty replacement.

Workmanship warranties are offered by contractors. If shingles loosen from poor fastener attachment, for example, it's not the material that fails but the installation procedure. Reputable contractors often provide this warranty type to show they stand behind their product. Any workmanship warranty should be clearly noted in the roofing contract and signed by both parties.

Roof system warranties are all encompassing promises that all layers will work properly. It's not just shingles or labor covered by system warranties but also the underlayment and other accessories. Homeowners want this warranty in the roofing contract because it covers main, secondary and tertiary parts that can fail and significantly damage a structure.

Contractors could suggest manufacturer no dollar limit warranties. Homeowners should be aware that these policies involve a monetary fee and extra inspections over the years. These warranties can be helpful if a severe storm strikes and completely decimates the entire roof, for example. However, most homeowners may never use the policy. Residents must look at their unique situation and decide if this warranty is necessary.

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