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San Antonio Roofing: Article About Roofing Remodeling Jobs Versus New Construction

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San Antonio roofing contractors will generally charge differently based on whether the job to be done is new construction or remodeling work. This is due to the extra labor that remodel jobs inevitably require. Some of the differences between new and old roofing work will be outlined below.

First, old work must be gained through various forms of advertisement and may be more sporadic in its availability. New work, by contrast, is often steadily contracted to roofers by busy builders who almost always have a house or two in process. When it comes to scheduling an exact date to begin the job, old work is normally more flexible unless it is an emergency repair.

New construction will usually entail covering an entire roof, but remodeling will involve either minor repairs, a tear off or laying down new shingles over old ones. A tear off greatly increases the labor and necessitates the renting of a dumpster. It also makes it imperative that the roofer exercise great care in removing debris from the roof decking and keeping nails out of the lawn.

Remodel work calls for a closer inspection of the roof deck and the occasional replacement of worn, decaying boards. For this reason, the roofer will need to be especially cautious the first time walking on the roof.

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New underlayment will be needed and perhaps new flashing.

Peel and stick underlayment is especially helpful at the eaves and around vents and chimneys since no nail will pierce it and increase the odds of a leak at these sensitive locations. Furthermore, peel and stick moisture barriers are flexible and can more easily be made to fit snugly in tight or curving areas. The remainder of the house will typically be weatherproofed with felt or synthetic moisture guard.

Existing and new roofing will involve an abundance of math skills. How many shingle bundles are needed must be calculated. The quantity of underlayment, flashing, asphalt cement and roofing nails must all be preplanned. The cost of the job in dollars and hours must be estimated closely, and whether the work is new or a remodel will greatly affect the estimates.

Finally, one class of roofing job falls in between new and remodel work, and that is additions. Every addition will require new roofing, but it may have to be matched with and blended into the old roofing next to it. The addition will also have to be integrated into the roof's overall water shedding strategy.

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