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As homeowners look over different roofing materials to use for their pending installation, shingles are almost always a contender for the project. With a neat appearance and several color choices, shingles provide leak free security for decades. When San Antonio roofing professionals estimate a new roof replacement, they can also discuss the durability built into each shingle. Designs over the years have created a standard shingle that withstands extreme temperatures and weathering.

Shingles used to only be comprised of specialized paper and asphalt, but today's most popular materials use a fiberglass center layer. Also known as composition shingles, these roofing materials have a glass mat with asphalt creating the protection around it. These shingles have a solid weight to resist any wind damage while remaining lightweight for basic installation practices. Even if some of the asphalt breaks down over time, the shingle still has some structural integrity to protect the home from leaks until repairs can be made.

Wind damage is often the cause of many roof problems. Updrafts push air molecules across a roof, trying to force them under shingles. Because wind is almost constantly present, shingle manufacturers work diligently on rip tolerance values.

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They want a strong shingle that can stand firm with at least 60 MPH winds. Some specialized shingles offered by contractors and manufacturers actually hold tight at 150 MPH. Contractors can match the shingle wind speed with prevailing weather in an area to find a budget friendly solution for all homeowners.

Another added durability feature for modern shingles is adhesive strips. Self sealing strips are normally along the horizontal connection piece where nails are located, for example. These adhesive strips allow roofers to press the shingle into place and hold it there until fasteners can be added. Adhesive patches are also along tab tips, giving the shingle another fastening point against wind damage. Hot sunlight and pressure activate these adhesive areas, providing the shingle with durability across several decades.

The textured granules seen on shingles also provide durability. They reflect some of the ultraviolet rays striking the roof, protecting it from accelerated weathering. Without granules, shingle roofs wouldn't last as long as two or three decades.

If homeowners have a particular problem with moss or algae, they can ask for a shingle additive. These specialized materials actually ward off certain microorganisms to keep the roof as attractive and long lasting as possible. Additives help shingles retain their durability, improving property values as a result.

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