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When a home gets a new roof, homeowners hope that it will last the full 20, 30 or even 50 years that the manufacturer says it will. Unfortunately, the roof can be badly damaged by many different elements, and it is very hard to protect a roof from the majority of this damage. To best protect a roof, homeowners should perform regular maintenance procedures. For more information on these procedures, homeowners should contact a local San Antonio roofing company capable of providing maintenance suggestions for all types of roofs.

An essential maintenance operation that homeowners can do to prevent a roof replacement is to inspect their roof regularly. Regular, seasonal inspections can save homeowners from huge damage and expense later in the year. Homeowners should check for damage after the winter is over and then once again after the severe storm season is over. If homeowners see signs of damage during the summer, they should examine their roofs after each storm that occurs during this season as well.

When performing roof examinations, homeowners should not climb up onto the roof themselves. Unless they have specific training, walking on a roof cannot only do more damage to the roof, but it can also result in serious injury for homeowners.

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Instead, homeowners should examine the roof from the top of the ladder or with binoculars from the ground. While it may seem difficult to see the whole roof, homeowners should be able to spot both small and large amounts of damage from this vantage point.

The best way to spot damage is to look for missing or broken shingles. If they have asphalt or clay shingles, homeowners should also search their gutters for granules. These are classic signs of roof damage. If a homeowner spots any of these signs, they should call a contractor to schedule a full inspection.

When roof damage occurs, homeowners should resist putting off repairs. Small problems that are left alone can become huge problems if they incur further damage. A few missing shingles can turn into a leak very quickly. If these problems get to be too large, then some homeowners will eventually have no choice but to replace the entire roof.

Replacing the entire roof should be a last resort, and the benefits of keeping up with small repairs are preferable. Some states allow homeowners to write roof repairs off on their taxes, and insurance claims are also more accepting of repairs. If a homeowner is unsure about whether they need to repair or replace their roof, they should ask for the opinion of a least three respected contractors.

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