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Each area of the country has its own challenges when it comes to roofing. Texans may not need to worry about ice dams forming in the gutters, but they do have plenty of other problems to look out for. Fortunately, a quality San Antonio roofing company can help homeowners in Texas identify potential problem areas on the roof and make any necessary repairs.

Wind and hail can do a lot of damage to Texas roofs. During a hurricane, for instance, it's common for the high winds to rip the shingles right off the roof's surface. This occurs frequently when the shingles are starting to age and are curling up at the edges because it's easier for the wind to get underneath them. As hail pelts down on the roof's structure, it can knock some of the protective asphalt off of the shingles, leaving those areas unprotected. Whenever there's been a bad storm, therefore, it's a good idea to check the roof out for damage.

If water from a rain storm isn't draining off the roof properly, it can soak into the roof, causing leaks, mold growth or damaged wood. This typically occurs when there's a blockage in the gutters. The homeowner is likely to see the water pooling in that area and areas around the gutters will begin to look damaged. It can also occur when the pitch of the roof is not steep enough.

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Damage is more likely to happen on a porch or other area that's been added on to the original house.

Unfortunately, the hot sun can also be a source of extensive roof damage. Though the heat from the sun keeps the roof dry, it also accelerates the rate at which shingles break down. Though a shingled roof is supposed to last around 20 to 30 years, those who have roofs that receive a lot of sunlight are more likely to have to replace the structure earlier than those who live in shady areas or colder parts of the country.

Animals can be another cause of roof damage for people in Texas. Small animals like squirrels or chipmunks are likely to reach the roof from nearby trees or through the gutters, causing damage to the infrastructure as they make their home in the attic. A pest control specialist may be required to remove the animals, and a roof contractor can seal the area to ensure they don't enter again.

Knowing where damage to the roof is most likely to come from can be a big help in recognizing and repairing roof problems before they become bigger problems. No matter what the case, it's always smart to bring any concerns to the attention of a professional.

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