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Hail is one of the most frequent causes of roof damage. It is important for a home or business owner to be able to spot hail damage when it occurs, so repairs can be made in a timely fashion. On occasion, the entire roof may need to be replaced. Regular inspections for damage performed by both the homeowner and a San Antonio roofing professional can identify damage that could prevent the need for major repairs in the long term.

The home or business owner should start with a visual inspection from the ground. Sometimes, the use of binoculars can aid the homeowner from the ground and can prevent the need to access the roof. Dents on metal are usually easier to spot than dents on asphalt or wooden shingles, so a survey of the metal valleys, vent covers and flashings may reveal that the roof has sustained damage. If the structure has a metal roof, the entire structure is likely to show dents from the hail.

In order to inspect the ridge cap and the shingles, an inspection from the roof should be done. The owner or inspector should look for cracked, chipped and torn shingles. If sections of the shingles are cracked or missing, the substrate may be exposed.

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Substrate is not capable of handling direct exposure to the weather, so missing and cracked shingles need to be replaced immediately. Dents in the shingles may also cause water to pool and can lead to future leaks.

Although damage may not be as readily evident as on metal or asphalt shingle roofs, wooden or shake shingle roofs are also susceptible to damaging hail. If the impact of the hail has caused the wooden shingles to split, the substrate could be exposed, and the wood should be replaced immediately.

If the residence or building owner was not present during the storm, he or she should find out as much as they can about the size and direction of the hail. They should also try to learn if there was wind during the storm, as well as the wind's direction. Hail that hits a roof at a sharp angle is more likely to cause damage than hail that hits at an obtuse angle. For this reason, the ridge cap is most likely to be damaged by hail. Sitting at the extreme top of the roof, it must endure direct hits from hail coming from any direction.

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