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The rainy season is when most roofing problems happen. This is because in addition to rain, high winds, hail and lightning are often present. San Antonio roofing professionals recommend that homeowners take proactive steps to protect their roof before, during and after the rainy season.

Gutters and drains should be cleaned on a regular basis. This will prevent the chance of leaks and backups that can damage a roof. During heavy rains, a clogged gutter puts heavy strains on a roofing system, which also creates the perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes and can lead to roof gardens that will destroy shingles.

During the rainy season, lightning strikes are common. Homeowners should review their building's lightning protection system before and after the rainy season. It is not uncommon for lightning rods and HVAC devices that are stored on a roof to get knocked down, damaging the roof and leading to potential leaks.

Heavy rain leads to increased humidity, which in turn creates the perfect atmosphere for mold growth. Mold will cause shingles to deteriorate, weakening the wood structure of the roof. It looks unsightly and can have a detrimental effect on the health of individuals living inside the home.

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During the rainy season, animals like birds, squirrels, raccoons, termites and even cats may see a roof as a place of shelter and make it their home. In the process, they will rip off shingles, bore holes into the wood structure of the roof and create infestations that deteriorate the structural integrity of the building. Homeowners should review their roof and identify any small entry holes and block them. If animals have already built their home in the roof, homeowners should have these animals removed in a humane and safe way.

The days during the rainy season are some of the hottest of the year. The sun's radiation can significantly reduce the life of a roofing system. During hot days, examine the roof to make sure that the sealants are functioning properly and that there are no fissures in the roofing membrane.

Heavy winds have been known to loosen fascia boards, shingles, tiles and other roofing material. This is especially the case when winds cause precipitation to fall sideways. They can also cause branches, power lines and trees to fall on top of the roof. Therefore, it is a good idea to inspect the roof after every storm in order to detect damage.

Unfortunately, no roof is impervious to the damage caused during the rainy season. However, with frequent inspections, homeowners can identify minor problems and have them repaired immediately before they become major issues.

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