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Regular roof cleaning is a necessary part of home maintenance. While it is certainly true that a roof that is routinely cleaned by the homeowner or by a San Antonio roofing professional has more curb appeal, regular cleanings are also beneficial in terms of preventing the development of a number of adverse conditions that can result in roof damage. Roofs that are not regularly cleaned are susceptible to the growth of algae, mold and mildew. In addition, regularly scheduled cleanings also aid in deterring animals and other pests from damaging a roof.

While regular roof cleanings are necessary to prevent the growth of algae and moss, and to prevent water pooling, there are some unfortunate misconceptions regarding the methods for carrying out this task. Homeowners who use pressure washers on their roofs or who attempt to use bleach solutions risk damage to the structure. This is because even pressure washers equipped with low PSI ratings can cause granule loss, which reduces the efficiency of the shingles' ability to deflect UV rays. Shingle damage will also allow moisture to penetrate the roof's surface, resulting in deterioration from within the structure.

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Bleach cleaners can also damage the shingles and other roofing materials, and it is also possible that the landscaping around the house will be adversely affected due to bleach runoff from the roof.

In order for a homeowner to safely clean the roof, the use of a noncorrosive cleaner is best. A standard garden hose will supply more than enough water pressure to clean the roof without degrading the shingles via granule loss. This cleaning method will remove the top layer of algae and any other organisms that may be growing while also killing the algae colonies that reside within the shingles. This is an important aspect of cleaning, as algae and other forms of growth feast on the roofing material and cause deterioration. Once the cleaning is complete, future algae growth can be prevented through the installation of zinc or copper strips.

When a homeowner is cleaning the roof, it is important that proper safety precautions are adhered to, and that homeowners consider weather conditions. In order for the cleaning to be most effective, a day that is relatively cool and overcast is ideal, as working on a roof during periods of intense heat or inclement weather can quickly become dangerous. Proper footwear is also necessary, as working with water on a roof makes for a slippery surface that can result in serious injury without the proper precautions.

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