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San Antonio Roofing: Article About Repair Versus Roof Replacement

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When the roof begins to leak or shingles are worn, homeowners have a tough choice to make. They can pay to have the roof repaired and risk having to make further repairs in the future, or they can opt to have the entire roof replaced.

These choices depend on many factors. The extent of the damage, the age of the roof, the homeowner's budget and future plans for the home all have to be taken into consideration. To help with the decision, homeowners can hire a local San Antonio roofing contractor to examine the roof and make specific recommendations. Homeowners are not qualified to make professional determinations, and getting an expert opinion can give homeowners the information they need to make a well informed decision.

If the damage was caused by a fallen tree branch during a storm, a dependable roofing company can simply repair the injury if it is localized to one spot. This type of damage will typically not develop into major problems in the long term. Cracked flashing or a few missing shingles, additionally, will require only a few simple repairs. These types of renovations are much cheaper than replacing the entire roof.

If the roof already has two or more layers of shingles, however, hunting down the leak can be problematic.

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The layers would have to be lifted up in order to see and fix the damage underneath. Even if done by an experienced roofing expert trained in building up layers of shingles to match the existing roof, the patch might end up being quite noticeable.

New shingles next to old faded ones, or a patch that is an inch or two higher than the rest of the roof, won't look as good as a new roof would look. If curb appeal is important because homeowners have plans to sell the home in the future, then the consequences of patching the roof is something they need to consider as well.

Surprisingly, a new roof can often be more economical than paying for repairs, especially if a roof inspection reveals that the roof only has a life expectancy of a couple more years. The costs required for hiring a roofing crew for a complete reroofing procedure may be cheaper overall if the roof is in bad shape. It is typically more convenient than renovating the roof one section at a time through repairs. Additionally, installing a new roof will give homeowners peace of mind.

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