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Many homeowners are surprised when their San Antonio roofing contractor tells them that there is a strong connection between the quality of their roof and their monthly energy bills. Fifty percent of a home's annual utility bills come from heating and air conditioning. The energy bill from a home with a damaged or poorly insulated roof is drastically higher than in homes where the roof is properly maintained and repaired. What are some roofing options available to homeowners looking to reduce their yearly energy bills?

Roofing materials that have a high solar reflectance can decrease the surface temperature of a roof by as much as 30 percent. As a result, less heat enters the home during summer months. Roofing materials that have high emittance, meaning that they can quickly release any energy they have captured from the sun, also increase the energy efficiency of a home. An energy efficient roof involves more than just installing good surface materials; it is also essential to make sure that the materials used underneath the roof are energy efficient.

Adding insulation to a home will increase the R value, or the ability to resist the transfer of heat.

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During the winter, it will help keep warm air inside the home, thereby lowering heating costs. In addition to picking the right material, picking the right color of material is key in designing an energy efficient roof.

The color of a roof should be selected based on the location of the home. Light color roofs will reflect heat and therefore are perfect for warmer climates. Dark colored roofs will absorb heat and are best suited for cooler climates. Homeowners who live in hotter climates but who cannot afford to replace their entire roof should speak to a roofing contractor about covering their roof with a light colored coating. Proper roof coatings can reduce a roof surface temperature by as much as 80 degrees. This drastically decreases the interior temperature of the home.

Other considerations include the roofing material that will be used. Premium materials such as clay, tile and concrete can be expensive to install initially. However, in the long run they will save money because they are durable and because they are more energy efficient than other materials.

The roof is the most important structure in the home. Homeowners who take the time to research roofing materials that are available and then discuss their options with a roofing contractor will be happy with their end results.

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