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More manufacturers are creating radiant barriers and interior radiation device coverings to keep some of the heat trapped in the attic, away from the interior of the house below. Radiant barriers are produced by adhering a slim layer of a reflective substance, such as aluminum, to one or both sides of an additional material, such as cardboard, that offers stability and strength.

Radiant heating modules deliver warmth directly to the attic floor, wall panels or the ceiling of a house. The system rests on a radiant transmitter, which sends the heat straight from the hot surface of the barriers to the living quarters. This is called infrared radiation. Therefore, radiant heating is the same as the warmth felt across the room from a stovetop. The amount of energy transmitted among the roof and the attic floor depends on the temperature of each their exteriors and their makeup. Thus, the reflectance percentage amount of energy will help the professional roofer determine how much the barriers can save on the heating bill.

In addition, a San Antonio roofing professional can install radiant barriers that will limit interior heat loss on winter nights through the ceiling.

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Furthermore, the aluminum walls can capture valuable daytime warmth from solar heating on the roof. Contingent on the environment and the amount of attic insulation, the net winter savings can be positive or negative.

Furthermore, in order for the barriers to work properly, the homeowner should repair air gaps between the house and the attic. Repairing air leaks should take priority when attempting to improve the efficiency of the heat trapped in the attic. Homes with higher energy bills are more likely to benefit from the barrier system once leaks are closed. However, if the air ducts in the attic are previously sealed or located elsewhere, then the energy savings is less beneficial since the home is already running more efficiently.

Homes constructed of concrete slabs are suitable candidates for radiant floor cooling systems since it takes advantage of the same theory of radiant heating by using chilled water. Radiant cooling systems installed in the ceilings of adobe homes have the value of the thermal mass to deliver a regular cooling effect. This system is, above all, economic in homes with current radiant floor systems.

There are instances where radiant cooling is adequate for homes located in arid climates; however, due to condensation buildup, radiant cooling is typically useless in humid areas.

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