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During the rainy season, heat that accumulates in the air during the morning and afternoon lead to late afternoon and evening showers that often result in heavy winds and tropical storms. For commercial and residential property owners, the rainy season can lead to big headaches that include roof leaks, hail damage to their roof and lightning strikes. San Antonio roofing professionals believe that homeowners who take precautionary steps before the rainy season begins will be able to make it through the rainy season with fewer problems. What are some precautionary steps building owners can take to protect their roofs?

Roof maintenance starts with a roofing inspection. The biggest reason roofs fail is that they have not received preventative maintenance. The purpose of preventative maintenance is to identify minor problems with the roof system and repair these issues before they become major problems. Most roofing material manufacturers require periodic maintenance as part of their manufacturer's warranty. Many problems with commercial roofs are the result of human error.

Commercial roofs have more foot traffic than residential roofs. Workers walking on a roof to do window washing, maintenance to HVAC units, maintenance on water storage units and maintenance on other devices stored on a roof may inadvertently cause damage to the roofing membrane. Therefore, it is a good idea to visually inspect a roof after work has been done.

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Building owners may wish to install walk pads in high traffic areas to mitigate roof damage. While residential roofs do not get as much foot traffic as commercial roofs, it is still the residents of a building who are the first line of defense in protecting a roof.

Property owners should make sure that their tenants inform them about any problems or leaks they see in the roof immediately. Property owners may want to teach their tenants about to the telltale signs of a roof leak and encourage them to immediately contact them if there is a leak.

Proper roof maintenance is a proactive endeavor. Procrastination will lead to costly repairs and damage. It is recommended that roof inspections be performed twice every year. They should be inspected prior to the rainy seasons that happen in the spring and in the fall. If the rainy season brings heavy winds, tropical storms, lightning strikes or hail damage, a roof inspection may be in order.

Aggressive preventative roof maintenance can prevent a lot of the major roof problems homeowners and business owner's face. Identifying minor problems at the outset and fixing them before they get out of hand can save building owners thousands of dollars every year.

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