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Falling from heights is the leading cause of injury and death among construction workers, and roofing work is no exception. While it is easy to imagine how a person could slip, fall and slide off a sloped roof, measures must be taken to protect against falls when working on a flat roof as well. Building owners who want to see the condition of the roof for themselves should be aware of the hazards and understand how to control them in order to avoid catastrophe. By contacting a San Antonio roofing professional, the building owner will not need to take unnecessary risks, and he or she can obtain sound advice from an individual who controls roofing hazards for a living and understands how to stay safe while working from an elevated surface.

Fall arrest systems are designed to keep individuals from hitting the ground in the event of a fall. One of the major components of such a system is a vest like harness that is worn. At the opposite end of the fall arrest system is a tie off point. Between the harness and the tie off point are lanyards and deceleration devices. A lanyard is a line similar to a rope that fastens to the connecting ring on the harness at one end and the deceleration device at the other.

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The deceleration device is designed to fasten between the lanyard and tie off point. Its purpose is to prevent a sudden jolt to the individual during a fall.

As important as a fall arrest system can be, the best way to protect against fall injuries is to prevent the fall from happening in the first place. This is where a fall restraint system comes into play. To avoid confusion between a fall arrest and fall restraint system, a restraint can be thought of as a leash that limits how far an individual can go. The lanyard, or "leash," should be shorter than the distance from the tie off point to the edge of the roof so the individual can't reach the edge.

Railings are another means of fall prevention. In fact, they are the superior choice in applications because they are not as restrictive to the individual. No matter which method is used, a good rule of thumb is that if persons are less than six feet from the edge of the roof, some sort of fall protection system should be in place.

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