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Getting a new roof is a big investment. Prior to the installation, homeowners and San Antonio roofing contractors should sit down for a consultation about the new roofing materials, as well as if there are any repairs needed during the installation process. Most of the work will be done by the roofers. However, there are ways that the homeowner can prepare for the installation day.

Some homes may have wires that run under the shingles or soffits. These can create a fire hazard and be dangerous to the roofers who will be moving around on the roof. If any haphazard wires are discovered during the inspection, the homeowner should make arrangements with an electrician to have the wires removed prior to the installation day. If these wires are not removed, it should be noted that most roofers will not take responsibility for any damages that result.

Roofing projects often turn the home into a temporary construction site, meaning that the area can potentially be dangerous for children or pets. Some equipment may also be left onsite overnight. As such, children should be kept away from the area for the duration of the project.

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If there are pets that may be uncomfortable with the noise, they should also be temporarily removed.

The installation process can sometimes cause vibrations to run through the house. This can cause paintings to be knocked off walls, unstable furniture to tip and glass items to break. It is recommended that homeowners bring down hanging pictures or artwork and remove fragile objects to a lower level until the work is complete. The vibration may also cause dust to fall, and homeowners who are allergic to dust should be prepared to spend a few days away from the home.

Construction work of any kind can be extremely noisy. While the noise does not necessarily last long, homeowners may wish to let their neighbors know ahead of time so that they can be prepared for the noise. If any school aged children live in the home, it may be best for them to spend a few nights at a friend's house until the work is completed.

Finally, homeowners should ensure that there is access to the home on the day the installation is scheduled to begin. Roofers will need to be able to access the driveway with trucks that can cart away debris. When the construction process goes smoothly, homeowners can expect to have their new roof functional within just a few days.

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