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Although most homeowners are concerned for their roof during the winter season when harsh weather commonly occurs, the summer is also an important time to prep the roof for the months ahead. From record breaking high temperatures to hurricanes that pass through, summer weather can be just as damaging on the property as winter hailstorms can be. To ensure protection of the roof until fall arrives, there are a few important steps to take with the help of a San Antonio roofing professional.

Hurricanes that occur during the summer season can cause the roof to have excess pressure placed on the structure due to heavy rainfall. It's important to clear the rain gutters of any leaves or debris that may be present. If the gutters are clogged, it will prevent the water from flowing off the roof properly. This can easily cause leaks to develop or sagging on the roof due to pools of water.

It's also important to cut back branches that are in close proximity to the roof. Although they may not seem to pose a problem, overhanging branches can easily damage the home if they come in contact with the roof when high winds occur.

Homeowners who are concerned with high temperatures affecting their roof can take several measures to cool the roof's material.

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The roof can easily be painted a lighter shade that will deflect the rays of the sun more efficiently. A cooling mist system can also be installed, which will track the temperature of the roof and wet it to ensure that it doesn't become too hot during the day. This will work to keep the interior of the home cooler and will also reduce energy usage throughout the season.

Adding extra insulation to the home's attic will also prevent the roof from becoming too warm. It's important to have the insulation inspected and to check ventilation to the attic, which will allow the roof's tiles or shingles to become cooler. Solar reflective shingles can also be installed for a material that reflects more infrared radiation from its surface than other roofs do. This will keep the home cooler, and homeowners can save on energy bills during the summer.

To ensure that the home's roof withstands the harsh weather in the summer season, it's important to take certain steps to guarantee that damage doesn't occur. Increasing the structure's solar reflectance will also work to save money on the home's energy usage for a more comfortable environment that stays cool.

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