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Common single ply roof materials are KEE, EPDM, TPO and PVC. These products come in synthetic rubber or thermoplastic varieties. Each type of membrane has different characteristics and properties. Thermoplastics, for example, can be melted down several times and reshaped after heating. As a result, their membranes can be welded together at the seams.

In contrast, once formed and cured, synthetic rubber membranes cannot be melted and reshaped. They must be seamed together through the use of an adhesive during installation. Most San Antonio roofing contractors will use adhesive tape to seam the EPDM membrane lengths together because they are easier to use than contact cement.

However, these membranes also come in widths up to 10 feet wide, so there are fewer seams to tape or seal. The fewer seams a membrane roof has, the less chance it will leak. EPDM is also able to expand and contract with weather conditions. Thermal expansion and contraction on large roofs does not present an issue to the homeowner, therefore.

PVC roofing was the first thermoplastic membrane to hit the market. Made of polyester, fiberglass, vinyl resins and other materials, PVC has strong heat resistant stabilizers to offer the ultimate in fire protection as well as resistance to tearing and breaking. PVC isn't flexible, but plasticizers are included in the formula to make them easier to mold to the roof's design.

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Today, PVC brands without the plasticizers are all reinforced, so they won't crack or shatter in colder weather.

TPO membranes are another popular choice among businesses. Traditionally made from polypropylene and ethylene propylene rubber, the manufacturing process gives this material flexibility, even at lower temperatures. Most brands contain the addition of fire retardants and weather components that increase their resistance to the elements. However, products differ from manufacturer to manufacturer, so businesses will want to hire a roofing company that only offers quality products in order to ensure they are getting the best protection for the cost.

KEE products are the least used membrane on the market today. These products are only produced by one manufacturer, and they have a reputation for durability. This thermoplastic membrane is practically indestructible.

While thermoplastics can come in white for superior reflective value in hotter climates, they are also available in pastel colors. Regular washing is recommended to help maintain their reflective properties. Synthetic rubber membranes also come in white as well as a more durable dark gray. For EPDM roofs, white acrylic coatings can give a building the same reflective characteristics as thermoplastic choices do. These coatings will also extend the lifespan of the roof.

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