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Homeowners who are looking to insulate their attics may want to use more than one kind of insulation in the same space. This is because different materials have different properties that make them better for the various spaces in the attic. For instance, the use of fiberglass batts may be best for attic crawlspaces where there may be insufficient insulation.

However, rigid foam insulation is better for any part of the attic that may be exposed to excess moisture. This is because this type of insulation is water resistant, which means that homeowners won't have to worry about mold spreading through the structure or the insulation itself eroding or being less effective as time goes by. It is also great at repelling bugs and wasps that may enter the attic and make their way through the rest of the home.

The type of insulation that a homeowner will use in their attic is a topic that can be discussed with a San Antonio roofing expert. He or she will be able to inspect the attic and determine what the homeowner's biggest needs are. Furthermore, the homeowner can point out any issues that he or she is having with the attic.

For instance, an individual may point out that heat is escaping through the attic or that cold air is getting through gaps in the structure.

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If drafts are a problem, it is often a good idea to use a spray foam under the rafters or any other gaps that air may be seeping through. Compared to fiberglass or rigid foam, it creates a better seal and can provide noticeable results in a short period of time.

Fiberglass rolls may be best for framework that isn't a uniform size or a uniform shape. It may also be best for rafters on the attic ceiling as its main purpose would be to aid in noise dampening or raise the temperature just enough to avoid ice and snow building on the roof. In some cases, a homeowner may decide to use fiberglass rolls on the ceiling and fiberglass batts on the walls to best meet their needs.

Homeowners should choose insulation based on their needs and the home's location. In some cases, that means using more than one type in the same attic. By using this strategy, an attic can be more energy efficient and may even be warm and dry enough to be used as extra storage or living space.

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