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Metal roofing is an option available from San Antonio roofing companies, and homeowners can benefit from metal's durable and eco friendly properties. Metal is one of the greenest products on the market, as it can be made with recycled metal. Furthermore, when this metal roof is removed, it can be recycled into other products. These roofs have other benefits as well, including durability, a long life and energy efficiency. Homeowners must keep in mind, however, that a bit of research must go into choosing the right metal for their homes.

Many refer to metal roofing as "cool roofing" because it does not let out as much heat from the sun into the attic and, ultimately, the home. Of course, when choosing a material that keeps much of the heat out of the home, cheaper energy bills can be expected. There are also steps that a homeowner can take to enhance these savings, such as installing light colored metal. Instead of choosing a dark metal roof, for example, a white painted roof or galvanized finish is a good option to minimize heat absorption. Roofs that are light in color reflect light and heat from the sun, which results in a cooler home. This is especially true if there is air conditioning ductwork contained within the attic.

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Installing radiant heat barriers is another way to reduce the cost of energy in the home. These are thin layers of metal insulation made of metalized mylar sheets. These barriers can help reduce the transfer of heat into the attic by as much as 95 percent when placed on the underside of the roof.

Metal roofs are also known for channeling water efficiently, so installing a rainwater catch system can also help to save money. This is not a viable installation with asphalt shingles, however as there are toxic components in asphalt that can run off with water. Metal does not have these components, so the water that is collected is free of toxins and can be reused for purposes such as landscaping.

Metal roofing can also be eco friendly if it is made of recycled materials. Since metal roofs can be made of steel, aluminum or copper, it can be made of as much as 100 percent recycled metal. This allows for less waste in landfills and less energy during the production process. Though a metal roof may be a bit more expensive than other roofing types, all of these benefits, especially the environmental benefits, help to make that cost well worth it.

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