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When a homeowner is in need of a new roof, he or she wants to be sure that the thousands of dollars invested in materials and labor is money well spent. Furthermore, most homeowners want to know that they don't have to spend a lot of time inspecting, repairing or otherwise maintaining a new roof after its installation. With that in mind, here is a helpful list of the popular and affordable roofing materials that are low maintenance for homeowners.

A composite shingle is a shingle made from either fiberglass or asphalt. They are easy to install and can even be placed right on top of an existing roof. Furthermore, the material offers great protection against fire and can be walked on if necessary without incurring any damage. These shingles also come in a variety of colors and textures to help homeowners create a look that they can enjoy.

A San Antonio roofing professional may also recommend that homeowners opt for fire retardant pressure treated wood shakes. Like a composition shingle, they are a good option for protecting against fire damage. They also protect against pest damage and provide for greater air circulation.

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This means that humid and moist air will flow through the attic and shingles and reduce the amount of mold that forms in that part of the house.

Especially popular in the south and southwest, clay tiles have an expected life span of several decades without any need for maintenance. In some cases, they may last longer than the materials that hold the roof in place. However, homeowners should know that the tiles will add extra weight to the roof, so the structure may need to be reinforced in certain areas.

Those who want a lightweight material may wish to opt for concrete tiles instead of clay tiles. They can be made to look like wood shakes or be manufactured in the shape of panels instead of shingles, which may allow for greater flexibility. Unlike clay tiles, they come in a variety of colors and can be coated in plastic or other materials to aid in protection against fire damage and rot.

For those with a flat roof, it may be possible to have asphalt hot mopped on the surface. This is a fast, relatively inexpensive and easy way to provide long lasting performance. Although this method is more commonly used on commercial buildings, it can be done on a residential property or any part of the property that has a flat roof.

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