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Many homeowners wonder whether they can do some roofing work themselves or whether they need to call a San Antonio roofing company. Most homeowners will call a roofing company. However, there is a small subset of the population that will do the work themselves. These people will want to know how to install shingles properly. Thankfully, it is not a particularly difficult task.

It is important to note that new shingles can be installed over existing roofing. Homeowners will need to check their local building codes to ascertain how many layers of roofing material one roof is allowed to have. It is usually two or three, but it depends on the jurisdiction.

The first step that everyone, professional and amateur, needs to take when installing shingles is checking the roof for debris. Any debris left on the roof can be dangerous. Also, it will get in the way of the installation process.

Once the roof has been cleared of all debris, it is time for the felt to be installed. Roofing felt is relatively cheap and can be found at all home supply stores.

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It is installed by first being laid out on the roof, and then it needs to be stapled with a staple gun. Most experts recommend that the felt overlap the roof by at least 2 inches, which will ensure that it is weather tight.

The next step is to draw a line down the center of the roof and from the center to each of the edges. This will ensure that everything is properly aligned.

When the roof is prepped and it is time to lay the first shingles, homeowners should be aware that the first row of shingles should cover the edges of the roof. Experts recommend that the shingles overlap the roof by roughly half an inch to an inch. This first row of shingles will help the homeowner align the rest of the shingles.

Now, the homeowner must begin laying shingles outward from the center line. It is important that the shingles be properly aligned. This ensures a good fit and effective weather protection for the roof.

The shingles must be nailed down, and experts recommend that only roofing nails be used for this purpose. They are specifically designed for this sort of work and will be the most effective. Roofing nails are not too expensive and can be found at all major home supply stores.

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