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Although roof maintenance is not very glamorous and a little scary, it is definitely worthwhile and can save a homeowner thousands of dollars in repairs from water damage. Even if homeowners do a cursory inspection, they should hire a San Antonio roofing company to do a professional inspection annually. The professional hired should have worker's comp and general liability insurance to protect the homeowner.

Roofers will be prepared to repair small jobs as they go. Since a little leak can be the warning before the flood, a regularly scheduled inspection can reveal needed roof repairs that can lead to big problems if not addressed early enough. It's too important to leave even a hint of a chance of water seepage because water damage is one of the most devastating events in terms of extensive repair costs.

Many homeowners do not like the idea of getting up on the roof for many reasons. Falling off the roof is a valid concern, and sometimes, the amount of damage can be escalated by an untrained person walking on the roof. Loose shingles can also be both a problem and hazard because they can be dislodged and cause a fall as well. If homeowners decide to leave the close inspections to the professionals, they still can perform an initial visual inspection from the ground with binoculars to look for a few signs of roof damage.

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Shingles that are missing or broken need to be replaced or repaired; in addition, some shingles may be curling or raised and uneven. Flashing with rust spots is an issue, dried out or cracked rubber boots for vents will need to be replaced and, sometimes, moss will actually be growing on the roof and can cause rotting under the shingles. Grit from shingles in gutters is a warning sign that shingles have been damaged since this is the UV protection for shingles. Once that is gone, the shingles will age more rapidly, accelerating their replacement. A shingle roof under normal conditions will last 15 to 20 years. If the roof is at least 15 years old or more, it is a time to replace it. Patching a dying roof will increase the cost of repairs without a significant return on the investment.

Homeowners should understand and look for the signs of a leak such as dark spots on the ceilings, peeling paint on the fascia or overhangs, and dampness around windows and fireplaces. Proper maintenance done at regular intervals, not just on the roof but all over the house, can save thousands of dollars in repairs and much heartache.

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