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A leaking roof can be a nightmare for homeowners. In addition to the structural damage caused by leaking water, leaks can also produce mold, which can linger far after the leak itself is fixed. Identifying a leak is integral to maintaining the integrity of a house. Knowing the severity and location of the damage will help to save money on repairs. Turning to a reliable San Antonio roofing company will ensure a leaking roof is fixed thoroughly.

Some home leaks can be caused by sources other than damage to the roof. Leaks in plumbing or air conditioning systems can mimic the effect of a leaky roof. The best way to save time is to eliminate alternative causes. Check nearby sinks and toilets for signs of leakage. Try running water through the house and observing the source of the leak for changes.

Once the problem has been verified as a roof leak, it's time to figure out the source of the damage. Ideally, this should happen during a snow or rainstorm, but a steady spray from a garden hose can also stimulate the leak. Identify the location of the leak within the room, and measure it from two fixed points within the room. These will serve as reference points that can be used to pinpoint the location of the leak in the attic.

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Once the leak has been identified, the source needs to be traced to its source in the attic. The location of the attic leak may not precisely align with the leak below, so expand the search area outward using the fixed points from the room below as a starting point. Once the source has been determined, establish a new set of fixed points. These should be points one can identify from the roof. Vents and chimneys work well as fixed points. If no points visible from the outside are available, perpendicular walls are the next best option.

Finally, identify the external source of damage. Safely get on the roof and use the measurements from below to narrow the search area. Begin at the midpoint of these fixed points and work outward. Search for damage or openings within the roofing material. In the case of wood roofs, this may appear as rotted material. With clay and other tiled surfaces, this may be chipped or broken tiles. Once the problem has been identified, contact a roofing contractor as soon as possible to prevent the cost of greater damage.

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