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One of the most common jobs passed on to San Antonio roofing professionals is to fix a leaking roof. Most homeowners do not have the expertise to repair a roof leak on their own, and those who attempted to do so often find themselves making the problem worse as opposed to better. What makes finding and fixing a roof leak so difficult?

First, the source of a roof leak can be difficult to identify because it could come from something as small as a pinhole in a shingle. Second, the source of a leak is often elusive because it is very rarely lines up with where the water is actually infiltrating into the home. Roofing contractors need to be detectives in order to successfully find the source of a leak. They need to understand the way that water travels to trace a leak back to its source.

Contractors may inquire about factors that could lead to a leak, such as recent extreme weather, animals around the home or satellite cable work performed in the recent past. Once they have collected this information, they will proceed to the roof to perform a visual inspection.

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Roof penetrations are typically the number one source of leaks. During their inspection, professional roofers will ask many questions. The will need to know whether the chimney has a cricket, if there is proper step flashing and if the roof needs to be sealed.

If a roof has skylights, the flashing should be reviewed to make sure that it is in good repair. Skylights often get water trapped behind them, and this can cause the skylight itself to leak. Plumbing vents are sealed with neoprene or rubber boots. During the inspection, these will need to be checked for cracks. Satellite and cable installations will need to be checked for proper flashing.

A drip edge adds to the aesthetics of the home, but it also keeps water away from the fascia boards. When drip edges are missing or installed incorrectly, it can lead to leaks that will cause wood rot. Rain that is driven by the wind may enter any gaps between the roof deck and the fascia board. A drip edge is useful in keeping away snakes, insects and other vermin. Contractors will pay special attention to these areas during a roof inspection. Homeowners should understand that a roof could last for decades if it is given proper maintenance and timely inspections.

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