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Due to extreme weather that causes leaks in a home, water damage can be expensive to repair and often begins due to neglect on the roof or other areas of the property. Most of the time, water damage is easily avoidable and may be prevented with certain steps that are taken by the homeowner. To protect a home and keep up on the maintenance, a roofer may recommend a number of methods that prevent water damage.

It's important to regularly clean the roof gutters to ensure that they work properly when it rains or snows. This maintenance is most important during the fall and winter seasons. Heavy leaves or debris that fill the gutters will immediately back up other water on the roof and can cause leaks or sagging on the structure. This might cause water to leak into a basement or into the home's foundation. To remain safe, a San Antonio roofing professional can inspect the rain gutters frequently to ensure that they're still in good condition.

Another important preventative measure to take for homeowners is to test the sump pump on a frequent basis as sump pumps tend to become backed up during heavy storms. Homeowners can test it by filling it with water and watching to see if the float comes to the top before the water level falls back down.

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Having an inspector check for leaks on the roof every six months is also important to prevent water damage. A qualified roofer can look for dark spots under pipes or stains that may be present on ceilings to identify if moisture has made its way into the home. Leaks that are neglected can easily lead to termites, mold and extensive damage to the property. Leaks should be identified after heavy storms or once spring arrives. The pipes should also be examined for damage or wear that can cause it to burst and flood the home.

In some cases, a damp course may need to be installed to prevent rising moisture that can reach several feet up certain walls in the home. Although damp courses can be time consuming and costly to install, they are the only practical way to prevent the problem from occurring.

By making it a point to take preventative measures to reduce the risk of water damage that can occur in future years, homeowners can save thousands of dollars in repairs and allow the property to remain in good condition.

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