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Metal roofs are gaining in popularity in recent years, especially when it comes to industrial buildings. Metal roofs are cheaper and easier to install than traditional shingled roofs. They are ideal for very large structures such as factories or apartment complexes.

The appearance of metal roofs is very different from that of shingled roofs. Some metal roofs are made out of steel or copper shingles. However, most metal roofs are made out of corrugated panels. These panels need to be screwed in place, as opposed to shingles, which are nailed in place.

Both corrugated panels and the less commonly used standing seam panels have grooves or seams that run across the roof and provide a place for the panels to be fastened. As with most types of roofing, they can be installed over shingles by a San Antonio roofing company. Unlike most varieties of roofing, however, they do not need to be installed on top of full plywood sheathing. Thin wooden boards running across the house's structural beams will suffice.

While corrugated and standing seam panels are quite similar in appearance, they are fastened in very different manners. Standing seam panels are manufactured with grooves so that they lock into one another when properly installed. Corrugated panels are placed so that the edges overlap.

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A special screw is then put through both panels.

Standing seam panels are quicker to install and slightly cheaper. However, corrugated metal roofs are much stronger. Therefore, they are more popular. Experts also recommend corrugated metal roofs over standing seam roofs for most climates as the benefits are not worth the lack of strength. Homeowners are advised to ask a roofer for his professional opinion.

Equally important to the effectiveness of the roof is the manner in which the panels are fastened to the underlying wood. Standing seam panels are secured to the framing with screws put through special fastening strips. The screws are typically one to two inches long and spaced four inches apart. Standing seam panels slide into grooves in the fastening strips, just as the panels are fitted to one another. Corrugated panels, on the other hand, are screwed into the fastening strips. Like the standing seam panels, they are secured to the roof in the same manner that they are connected to one another. The screws are generally spaced one and a half to two feet apart. Corrugated panels are stronger due to both the way they are fastened to the roof and the way they are fastened to each other.

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