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Hiring a San Antonio roofing contractor is a task that homeowners shouldn't take lightly. Unfortunately, many homeowners lack experience in this situation. As a result, they might not know the questions to ask or the things to look out for when hiring a contractor.

The first thing that homeowners want to do is ensure that the roofing contractors they are considering have their business licenses. This is significant because different cities have different business license requirements. Hiring a company with a license indicates that the company is familiar with the rules, regulations and laws in that area. This is considered important since building regulations can change often. To check that the company has a license, the homeowners can contact the Department of Professional Regulation in their state.

Homeowners should also ask for the roofing contractor's business addresses, websites, email addresses, tax identification numbers and contact phone numbers. Not only does this information make it easy to get in contact with the roofers, but it also ensures that they are running a legitimate business. The homeowners can also get in touch with the company after project completion if issues develop with the work that has been done.

Once the homeowners verify that a contractor runs a well established business, they need to make sure that the company is insured.

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A contractor with a business license may or may not have an insurance policy. The two types of insurance that contractors should have are liability coverage and worker's compensation. Since not all states require contractors to have insurance, it's up to the homeowners to determine whether or not they do. When the contractor has insurance, the property owners should further ensure that the insurance will cover them for all aspects of the project.

Next, homeowners should check for reviews on the contractor or ask for a list of references. Reviews for contractors can typically be found online using consumer review websites or agencies such as the Better Business Bureau. Individuals can use the BBB to easily see how well contractors compare to others and if past homeowners had issues with them.

Last, but not least, homeowners should ask the contractors if they have been approved by the roofing manufacturers to install their products. Sometimes manufacturers require homeowners to hire approved roofers for installations. Failure to hire approved roofers may result in a breach of the manufacturer warranty and can cause it to become invalid. Manufacturer warranties shouldn't be confused with the installation warranties that many contractors offer.

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