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Gutters come in a wide variety of styles, materials, shapes and colors. However, figuring out which gutter system is the best match for a home's exterior can be a difficult task. While a San Antonio roofing contractor can explain to homeowners the various materials, sizes and types of gutters on the market today, the following choices are popular among homeowners as well.

Aluminum gutters are the most commonly used due to their low cost. Lightweight and easy to install, they also resist rust and come in various colors. Aluminum can be repainted to match the color of the house for a more uniform look. Available in both seamed and seamless styles, higher priced seamless gutters are fast becoming the norm.

Seamless gutters are rarely completely seamless, however. While they have seams at the corners and where they attach to the downspout, there are no seams running down the length of the house. They are formed and molded on site, which makes them more attractive than the seamed variety. The downside to aluminum gutters is the softness of their material. Aluminum can be easily dented or damaged from a falling tree branch or a ladder placed up against the house.

Steel or galvanized steel gutters are quite heavy. The galvanized variety are resistant to rust, but they are not rust free.

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In wet areas, they will need to be repainted every five years or so. Like aluminum, steel gutters come in many colors and can be repainted to match the house's design. While strong, they are also heavy and should always be installed by a professional roofing expert.

Copper and zinc gutters are attractive and won't rust, so they don't need to be painted. Their joints and seams do need to be welded together by a professional, however. Copper and zinc gutters are not a "do it yourself" project for homeowners. These gutters are mainly found on homes with historical value and high priced residences where cost isn't important.

Some homeowners are turning to vinyl gutters due to their availability and cheap price. They don't come in as many colors as aluminum gutters do, but they are lightweight and often cheaper to professionally install than aluminum. The downside to vinyl is its lack of durability. The color won't hold up well beneath intense summer heat, and they can crack in colder climates. Like aluminum, they are easily damaged by ladders. However, homeowners can get around the problem by having a dependable roofing company do routine checks and repairs.

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