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It wasn't that long ago that the only choices for gutters were metal and that the idea of plastic or vinyl gutters was almost laughable. The first few types of plastics created by man were so brittle and thin that the material only had a few uses. As manufacturers developed new forms of vinyl and plastic, they began looking for new ways to use the material, particularly in the construction industry. That led to companies creating vinyl gutters that were just as strong as aluminum and came in more colors. Though vinyl does have some great benefits, San Antonio roofing companies warn homeowners to think about the disadvantages of the material too.

Vinyl is so cheap that many find that the cost of replacing their existing gutters with vinyl is less than half of what it would cost to use a different material. As manufacturers offer end caps and similar components that let contractors replace small sections of metal with vinyl, homeowners can even replace a small portion of their gutters and work on replacing the entire system over an extended period of time to save even more.

Two other benefits associated with vinyl are the number of colors available and the ease of installation. The length of time installation takes varies depending on the size of the house, number of linear feet needed and any projections on the house, but it often costs less to install vinyl than it costs to install other materials.

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Homeowners will also find that vinyl comes in dozens of colors and that they can select a color that matches the home's trim, shutter color or even the colors of their flowers.

Vinyl is susceptible to different types of damage though, especially sagging. The material essentially loses its structure over time, which causes the gutters to hang down lower in the center than on the ends. Contractors will typically use a gutter spike to bring the gutters back up to the height needed. They can also use screws or nails to increase the stability of the gutters and ensure that each piece is secure to the roof or wall.

Those who select vinyl for their gutters should also think about how the vinyl cracks. This is particularly important in Texas, which has warm temperatures and lots of sunshine. The combination of sun and high temperatures can make the vinyl brittle and lead to cracking or holes forming in the vinyl, which will keep the gutters from working well.

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