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San Antonio Roofing: Article About Green Roofs and Water Conservation

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Green roofs help improve air quality, help to reduce the greenhouse gas effect and can contribute to energy conservation. However, many homeowners may not be familiar with one of the best benefits about green roofs, which is that they can drastically improve water quality. Green roofs help to absorb excess runoff water that is produced by large storms. Unlike other roofing systems that simply funnel the water to the ground via the gutters and downspouts, green roofs filter the water by funneling it through the different layers of plants and soil.

San Antonio roofing experts understand how important it is to conserve rainwater during seasons of drought. For this reason, many homeowners in this state choose to install green roofs that feature plenty of drought tolerant plants. These plants will not require regular irrigation once the roots have become established.

Homeowners who live in Texas are very familiar with the unstable weather patterns that are produced throughout different seasons of the year. It is not uncommon for drought to adversely affect lake water levels and crops, and major rain storms frequently blow through the area and wreak havoc. Green roofs are an excellent solution for both of these issues because not only do they absorb water and release it back into the plants on an as needed basis, which improves water conservation, they also help to slow down runoff, which can help to prevent flooding around the perimeter of the home.

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This keeps excess water from pooling at the base of the house, which can protect the foundation, the siding and the yard from becoming damaged.

Many homeowners experience the development of water leaks after a major storm has struck the area. The most common reason for this occurrence is that, as water begins to accumulate on the surface of the roof, it can begin to seep underneath the shingles and leak into the house. The combination of heavy rain and high winds can cause even further damage to the roofing materials, including the eaves, soffit, rafters and flashing. Water that penetrates the topmost layer of the roof is also a common culprit for wood rotting and contributes to the development of mold. Since green roofs feature a waterproof membrane on the bottom layer, the plants are able to absorb excess rainwater without allowing it to cause damage to the rest of the roof, which can help to avert many of the above dilemmas.

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