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Whether the project is initiated through storm damage and repair or periodic upkeep, re-roofing a house is a huge undertaking. From deciding to the style of roofing and choosing a roofing company to the total upheaval of construction, a roofing project is a major project. The roof is not done, however, until the old shingles and debris are properly removed and disposed. A qualified San Antonio roofing company can offer disposal suggestions that are available in a given area.

The average household roof creates three to four tons in roofing debris, with the majority of the weight in shingles. Landfills can quickly get overwhelmed, but there are new programs available that not only keep shingles out of landfills but improve the environment as well. Asphalt shingles are recyclable in most areas. The shingles are ground down and added to road surface and road repair material. The shingle content actually improves the durability of the road material. Contact a recycling center to find a local facility.

Construction charities also accept shingle donations. As long as the shingles are structurally sound, charities will use the donations to help build structures for low income families.

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The 'tiny house' movement that builds small houses for the homeless is one outlet. The grass roots movement boasts several organizations across the country that construct small house communities using donated and found materials. Depending on the size and location of the donation, some charities will pick up the load. Structurally sound shingles can also be listed on online sites. Barter or trade sites can offer an environmentally safe and economically sound disposal for reusable shingles.

If there are no alternatives for disposal, contact a landfill. Due to the nature of the debris, some landfills have restrictions on when and how construction debris can be dumped. There may be a dump fee as well. It is important to note that if asphalt shingles were first installed between 1963 and 1977, they may contain asbestos. Asbestos is a known carcinogen and requires special removal and disposal as outlined by state and federal agencies. A qualified roofing company can determine if a roof falls into this category and can offer safe solutions for shingle disposal.

The safe disposal of asphalt shingles can seem overwhelming, but it is easier than ever to make good choices. Technology and charities offer alternatives to landfills that not only improve the planet but can improve the quality of someone's life.

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