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The insulation installed in the walls and ceiling of a residential property is used to control the temperature inside of the home and prevent drafts for proper climate control. Insulation is an effective method of reducing energy usage and having better humidity control throughout the home by preventing leaks. For homeowners who are looking to install new insulation or find the best material to use, a few different types are commonly found in residences.

Fiberglass is one of the most common types of insulation used by professionals from San Antonio roofing and is favorable due to its lack of ability to absorb moisture. This will prevent leaks from damaging the insulation and prevent mold or fungus from developing. Fiberglass insulation is also durable and is known to last over 100 years until it needs to be replaced.

Spray foam insulation is also effective and is easy to apply to tight corners or areas where leaks may be present. It's ideal in small crawl spaces or near windows where drafts are often present. Brown cellulose insulation is similar and is manufactured from recycled cellulose that is broken down into small fibers to create a thick blanket when it's blown. It's most used behind walls or in attics of residential properties for a durable material that will last several decades.

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Concrete block insulation is preferred in homes that have new construction with the use of foam board on the outside or inside of a wall. Insulating concrete forms are similar and are most used on unfinished walls when a home is in the process of being built for high thermal resistance. Structural insulated panels can also be used in the same areas to create uniform insulation that takes a shorter amount of time to install.

Reflective system is another common method of insulation for homeowners who want to do the insulation themselves. It's the most effective material to prevent downward heat flow with proper spacing.

In older homes, insulation that is already in place may contain cotton and is likely only a few inches thick. This is not adequate for a typical household and should be replaced with insulation that is at least 10 to 15 inches thick.

Not only does insulation help to reduce the home's energy costs each year, but it also increases the home's resale value and should be in great shape within five years of listing the property for a quick sale.

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